Sunday, January 3, 2016


Manchester United are now declared as the most boring club in England and from a total of 92 clubs from four divisions. And so desperate are they to get a proven goal scorer at Manchester United , that they are willing to pay Neymar's buyout clause at barcelona which stands at 140, one hundred and forty million pounds. But you must remember that Neymar's weekly wages will also be very high, it may be in the figure of 250,000 pounds a week, at the minimum. But the big question is will Neymar be willing to join a club that is not playing in the Champion League? Just because he has tax problems in Spain, the Media are quick to start stores. But then Neymar can only come to any club in the new season. But mind you here is always a chance that Barcelona and Neymar could settle for a new contract, he would always prefer to play with a club who can win five major trophies in one year , something Manchester United can only dream of winning.

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