Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It is high time we examined Chelsea closely and found some more facts. 1) Last year champions Chelsea stand fifteenth on the table can they reach the umber seven on the E.P.L table after the last match of they season? 2) Mind you they have the heaviest wage bill in the E.P.L it stands at 215.6 Million Pounds. 3) And with treble winner Pedro Rodriguez joining them mind you he won sacks of trophies from Pep Guardiola period onwards.So his wages are bound to be very heavy.Radamel Falcao Garcia agreed has taken a huge salary cut to join Chelsea it stands at 145,000 pounds a week, but he has failed to deliver. 4) While Manchester United have gone and trimmed their wage bill, with big earners leaving Manchester United Luis Nani, Robin Van Persie, and Angel Di Maria all being sold. So last years was nothing big it was a overrated one under Jose Mourinho.

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