Friday, January 1, 2016


All clubs are developing great young talent from around the globe , and these three have really caught my eye. And will be big stars one day for sure. 1)Lee Seung Woo , he is from South Korea and is 17 years old and plays for Barcelona B.Team He is dubbed the KOREAN MESSI.. 2) Donyell Malen , is from Holland and was at Ajax before he moved to Arsenal he is 16 years of age. 3) Gianluigi Donnaruma he is Italian and is 16 years old. And is a goalkeeper at A.C.Milan team. He stands 6feet five inches today with every possibility to add a inch or two by the time he is nineteen. He was so tall as a kid his mother ad to carry his birth certificate when he joined junior clubs in Italy , nobody believed his age as he was so tall. He is keeping out the other Goalkeeper Deigo Lopez , and this sixteen yrar old is the youngest goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet.

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