Thursday, June 30, 2016


The F.C Barcelona Spanish giants , have got approval from the Jury to go ahead and modify the famous Nou Camp of Barcelona the stadium where Barcelona play their football. Today it s a stadium of a huge capacity of 90,000, but they are now planning to make it a 1,,5000 seater. It will be done bu a Japanese architect firm, and yes it will not be coming cheap either it will cost the SApanish giants a huge sum of 445, four hundred and forty five million pounds. And it will be very hard , ask Arsenal, who had to sell their very best footballers over the years and a guarantee was given by Arsenal that they would not let Arsene Wenger leave Arsenal till all the money was paid back to the various banks. And during those very hard years at Arsenal, very big clubs came to sign Arsene wenger , like Real madrid, Manchester city as well as Barcelona, but he had to refuse these job offers, after all these opportunities do not come knocking at your door twice.

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