Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The Brazilian right back Danny Alves who has now played for eight years with the Spanish giants F.C.Barcelona , any sadly is now on the wrong side of thirty years , actully he is already 33, thirty three years old. But it is now said that the Italian giants Juventus are indeed very keen to buy him from Barcelona. He will always remembered as a very strong defender and also for providing a number of assists for Lionel Messi. On the pitch two incidents stand out in my mind , in the match in the LA LIGA he was racially abused by a football fan , and was thrown a banana on to the pitch , Danny Alves did not make a big noise about it , or for the matter protest to the referee , he just ate the banana and continued playing the match. In the second incident , before the match played by Barcelona, Danny Alves lifted up a disabled young boy from his wheelchair and carried him to have a photograph with his favourite footballers.

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