Tuesday, June 28, 2016


England were knocked out by Iceland in the EURO 2016, in the match played at Nice. It was embarrassing for the English no doubt about, as Iceland is a country with more volcanoes then footballers . For England it was the same old story all over again, to over confident, far to highly paid example Raheem Sterling , was sold by Liverpool to manchester City for a huge sum of 49, forty nine million pounds.He has failed to do anything on the pitch , so has Harry Kane and jamie Vardy.Joe Hart made big blunders. The real problem was england played as individuals and not as a team. Another big problem they faced was the midfield did not work like when Paul Scholes , Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard were playing, they really used to make the whole team click . And less said about the defensive blunders made the better. It is very clear now Wayne rooney must retire from English football, he should be brave like Lionel Messi did retire after reaching four finals and failing to win a single trophy. Paul scholes said when he was a boy playing for Manchester united , he along with Nicky Butt, Gary Neville and Philip Neville changed three buses to be there in time for practice, and then changed three buses to go back home. Today's youngsters all want hancy cars like Rolls Royces, but are useless footballers , you ccan compare those 1992 players mentioned and today's players.And there is a ocean of difference where dedication and class are compared, for example Gary Neville for years used to be the first player on the pitch and the always the last to leave, we could see the big class difference between him and today's players sadly.

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