Friday, June 10, 2016


Leicester City will not have a easy time in the next season at the E.P.L for sure as some players may make a move to greener pastures. It is truth that Leicester city were just plain lucky, winning eleven penalties and suffering only eighteen injuries in the entire season , which is far to little some clubs had sixty nine injuries . But let us look at what the history has to say here on clubs winning the title like Leicester city have won . 1/ In the year 1950 the U.S.A defeated the mighty England team. 2/ In the year 1992 Denmark won the EURO CUP as they were allowed to play at that EURO 1992 AS yugoslavia were expelled for war crimes.And Denmark who failed to qualify for the EURO 1992 then took the place of Yugoslavia. 3/ Greece won the EURO 2004 they defeated Portugal in that final. 4/ The French club Montpellier won the French title in the year 2011/2012, but won nothing after that. 5/ Blackburn Rovers won the E.P.L in the year 1995 , today they are in the second division. 6/ Nottingham Forest won two champion league titles two years in a row back under Brian CLOUGH , now they are in the second division. 7/ Aston Villa won the champion league in 1982, and won seven old English league titles, today they are relegated . 8/Clubs that even played in the champion league are struggling in the second division like Newcastle UNITED, IPSWICH City, Leeds United , wolverhampton were all title holders in the old title das but all are struggling now.

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