Monday, June 6, 2016


Leicester city won the E.P.L with a total of 81, eighty one points , Arsenal came second with seventy one points. Leicester city won a total of eleven penalties, in the entire season more than any other club. For example the next club with the most penalties awarded to them was Watford , with five penalties in the whole season, Arsenal won only two penalties in the entire season. Leicester city lost only three matches in the entire season. They were defeated twice by Arsenal , in the first match Arsenal won a eight goal thriller with Alexis Sanchez scoring a hat trick Arsenal won that match 5-3. In the second match Arsenal won the game 2-1. Here we must give credit where credit is due, the entire Leicester City team cost roughly 45, forty five million pounds, but at the same time Raheem Sterling was costing Manchester City 49 , forty nine million pounds. The entire Leicester City team suffered only eighteen injuries in the whole season, while some clubs has about 69, sixty nine injuries or more. Peter Shmicheal won five E.P.L titles with Manchester United . The Leicester city club were consistent throughout the seasons, to get a better picture here both the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona both let in more goals then Leicester city..And jamie vardy scored 24 goals to win the golden boot.

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