Thursday, June 30, 2016


It has become more and more clear that the Brazilian striker Neymar will very soon be signing a new contract with the Spanish giants F.C.Barcelona , and it will be along contract it will be for five years. Now several clubs had very high hopes of buying Neymar, by even paying his buyout clause of 147, one hundred and forty seven million pounds. The rumour started in Europe that Barcelona were facing financial problems a they were not having a sponsor for the next season as the earlier one THE QATAR AIRWAYS deal expires this summer.And to make things even worse for Barcelona was according to their bylaws , Barcelona just can not spend more than 70, seventy percent of their earnings on players weekly wages. So the stories started that Barcelona, would now would be forced to sell their big stars. So Manchester United was connected with buying Neymar at this buy out clause of 147 million pounds, that was his old buyout clause. And Lionel Messi was wanted by Manchester City , and they were willing to buy him by paying his buyout clause of 280 million pounds. Now it is more or less confirmed that Barcelona will have a new sponsor in NIKE , they will be paying a hundred million pounds a year to Barcelona. Neymar;s father had clearly said that his son would never ever join up with Real Madrid.

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