Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The Arsenal fans were very angry with Arsene Wenger , after their club lost to the Spanish giants F.C. Barcelona in the group of sixteen match of the champion league of 2015/2016. Barcelona won the match on aggregate. Now we must look into a few things over here, the strikers at Barcelona are very costly and can send fear into the spine of their opponents, but let us see their cost Lionel messi has a 258 million pounds as a buy out clause , he has scored well over five hundred goals now.Luis Suarez was brought from Liverpool for 75, seventy five million pounds and Neymar was got from santos for 68, sixty eight million pounds. Now Arsenal have strikers who are really cheap compared to the Barcelona strikers. Danny Welbeck is costing only sixteen million pounds and Olivier Giroud csts only twelve million pounds. The three Barcelona strikers have gone and scored 122, one hundred and twenty two goals between them in a entire season And to explain it better is that the entire team of the German giants Bayern Munich scored one hundred and twenty two goals n that season. But as usual the stupid Arsenal fans lead by Mr PIERS MORGAN , wanted a change as they wanted a new manager at Arsenal, there were even a boycott of attendance at matches played by Arsenal, but these fools did not understand at seats left empty during a match means nothing whatsoever here , as they count the number of tickets sold that day to et the figure for the number of attendance. But Arsenal still finished second in he E.P.L for the year 2015/2016.They now will play in the champion league for the nineteenth time in a row , some record I must say MR PIERS MORGAN . Does MR PIERS MORGAN HAVE A MANAGER IN MIND WHO CAN TAKE ARENAL FOR ANOTHER NINETEENTH YEAR IN A ROW IN A CHAMPION LEAGUE I WONDER.

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