Sunday, June 12, 2016


This is the real reason that Manchester United really had a horrible season n the year 2015/2016. And they managed to miss out of the Champion League for the second time in three years, but they managed to finish the season with a fifth spot. But this was only possible because Anthony Martial scored a total of 17, seventeen goals in the season and Marcus Rashford added a few on his own. But what was the real reason for their utter failure on the pitch., and it was Wayne Rooney who has now become old and lost that pace and the fire in the belly to score goals, he is now playing as a midfielder , and not a striker any more. To add to this Louis Van Gaal , sold out some good players like Javier Hernandez , who was told he was not good enough to play for Manchester United , and was sold to the German club Bayern Leverkusen for a little over seven million pounds.But he was scoring goals at will there reaching double figures for the season, another player sold hastily was Luis Nani , who joined Fenerbahce , he to scored ample number f goals in Turkey. And when the injuries mounted at Manchester United , the manager was forced to bring in 18, eighteen and 19 , nineteen year old strikers to do the job of players of 28,twenty eight years , was it fair I would ask after allthey are just kids and the pressure could be to much for their tender age and they could burn out fast.

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