Tuesday, July 5, 2016


There is no doubt about it jose Mourinho is clearly obsessed with Arsene Wenger, he just wants to attack him all the time and taunt him of not winning the E.P.L title for ten long years ,he calls Arsene Wenger a complete failure. But if the Arsenal fans and the board are not upset with Arsene wenger , why should this stupid man specialist at being sacked so bothered I would like to know. Arsenal have gone a entire season undefeated under Arsene wenger, something Jose Mourinho can only dream off. They have won twelve F.A Cups , Arsene wenger has won it two times in a row.Something Jose Mourinho has failed to do at Chelsea. Jose Mourinho has been sacked twice by Chelsea, Arsene Wenger has not been sacked twice by any club. Chelsea won their first E.P.L title after fifty years., in the year 2003/2004.. And now the Chelsea fans should know a few hard truths , Roman Abramovich , the Russian owner , has given Chelsea a one Billion pounds on a interest free loan.He is rebuilding the Stamford Bridge stadium with his money and not Chelsea money. Chelsea fans should know their cub are almost beggars living on the owners checkbook. Last year Chelsea finished tenth in the E.P.L table , the worst by a defending champion in England, Mourinho was booted out of Chelsea, for the second time. He has only taken the Manchester United job, with a hope of finishing well ahead of Chelsea in 2016/2017 season.

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