Friday, July 1, 2016


Now the case of Manchester United having their target Renato sanchez being stolen under the noses of the Manchester United board was a big thing, as this youngster of nineteen years , was scooped p by the German giants Bayern Munich for a sum of 35, thirty five million pounds, which could easily rise to63, sixty three million pounds , far to expensive for a youngster who has hardly shown at big games, mainly done it at Benfica, and scored a goal at EURO 2016. It is reported that the former Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal was not entirely pleased about his price or talent, but Ryan Giggs was satisfied with the youngster. It is now revealed from the horses mouth, as Renato Sanches has said he rejected Manchester United bid for him, and then decided to join Bayern Munich to win trophies . Yes he can very well win trophies in Germany as there is no team in Germany strong enough to dislodge Bayern Munich from its perch.It is a yearly winner , like Celtic in Scootland.

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