Friday, July 1, 2016


Why do England do so badly at all tournaments ? And the answer here is very simple the whole lot are a pampered lot , demanding weekly salaries that they do not fit to earn. Let us look at at Theo walcott and Raheem Sterling , Theo Walcott is getting a weekly salary at Arsenal which is 140,000 pounds a week, in other words he is getting a equal weekly salary to Mesut Ozil. Now Mesut Ozil is a world cup winner , and last year created 135 goal scoring chances , and he had 19 assists as well and was between the goals a well. Raheem sterling , Harry Kane , and Jamie Vardy did nothing whatsoever at the Euro 2016. England scored four goals in four games, this tells you the true story. But these English footballers have fancy cars and houses. Some came back from France with new watches costing 25,000 pounds each , and Raheem Sterling had a watch costing 50 ,000 pounds.

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