Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Paul Pogba joins Manchester United for 110 million pounds

Paul Pogba has now joined Manchester United for a sum of 110 (One hundred and ten)million pounds which is a new world record for a player.But it is much more than this.Manchester United have paid much more,roughly 190 (one hundred and ninety million) pounds.Paul Pogba is getting a weekly salary of 300,000(three hundred thousand pound) that works out to during his five year deal at Manchester United works 78 million pounds.His agent Mino Roila gets 20 million pounds for doing the deal.Paul Pogba got 10 million pounds for the transfer deal and he will get another 5 million pounds if the contract is renewed after 5 years.The point to be remembered here is he was sold to Juventus in Italy in 2012 for 800,000 pounds only which are peanuts today.

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