Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I the mid ninety's Brazil produced a footballer from Flamingo youth Academy , his name was Adriano also called THE EMPERROR. He was vas a huge talent no doubt, but sadly things went very badly for him. He even played for Brazil at the world cup as well, so he was talented to play for the country in a world cup along with Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Ronaldinho . so HE HAD TO BE REALLY GOOD. But Adriano grew up in the worst area of Brazil, with crime , and murder and gang lords all around. To escape from this horrible atmosphere he took up football in a very big way, and so escaped the evil around him. He joined the Italian Giants Inter Milan, and really gave a good account himself there scoring sacks of goals at Milan, it was also here that he was called THE EMPERROR, he was cult figure. But sadly how the world can go topsy turvy. His father died suddenly and his long time girlfriend ditched him.. Both these incidents that affected him one after the other, made him go into depression, and he started drinking heavily, and he put on to much weight. But he was a heavy footballer from the start like the Brazilian footballer Ronaldo. He became to fat and lost the pace and strength he once ad ,his football days were numbered as he continued to drink heavily. A sad case of real talent sadly wasted away.

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