Friday, June 23, 2017


Arsenal have been admirers of Alexander Lacazette or a while now, last year they even made a bid for him but then the Lyon president rejected the bid of 29, twenty nine million pounds for the French striker. But now Lyon have decided to sell their striker and Arsenal , are very serious about it ad several meetings have been held, with more planned next week. It looks like personal terms have been agreed by Arsenal and the player but the price is not yet finalised , THE METRO , says it could be between 44, forty four million pounds to 50, fifty million pounds, so now that has to ironed out next week. Now a few things are clear Arsenal are no longer interested in buying the Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe for 130, one hundred and thirty million pounds. Buying a teenager who is only nineteen years and has scored only fifteen goals in a season is just madness and a very big gamble. At this rubbish I think retired footballers should come out of retirement I am sure they will score more then fifteen goals in a season, plain criminal waste of club money. It is also possible Olivier Giroud who is thirty years join up with Lyon for 20, twenty million pounds.

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