Saturday, June 17, 2017


The Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez is getting to greedy now. As he is unwilling to sign a new contract, Arsenal have offered him a weekly salary of 280,000 pounds a week, from his old one of 130,000 pounds a week. But he is not agreeing to this in anyway. He has become far to greedy I must say, I must say he has forgotten his childhood days when he washed cars and did stunts on the road in Chile. Now the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has no desire whatsoever to sell him at any price to a club in England. Bayern Munich came forward to buy Alexis Sanchez , and solve the problem. But here Alexis Sanchez demanded a weekly salary of 420,000 pounds according to THE MMETRO. The German club were just stunned by this unrealistic and crazy demand. And he better remember this that at this asking weekly salary he will have to score five goals each match or score ninety or a hundred goals in a season, and this will never happen as he has failed to score thirty goals in a single season so far. The reason he wanted so much from Bayern Munich was he knew they the Germans would never pay so much. And he can make desired move to Manchester City. Arsene Wenger will not mind releasing him when his contract expires next year. Now when a person changes a job he can ask for a increase in salary of roughly thirty five percent only , here Alexis Sanchez is asking a increase of a few hundred percent.

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