Sunday, June 18, 2017


Now Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo , has made it very clear to his club that he no longer wants to play football in for real Madrid or for the matter any club in Spain. Due to the fraud charges of evading income tax to the tune of 13, thirteen million pounds. Now Real Madrid have agreed to sell him off. Now Real Madrid have made it very clear that he will not be coming cheap for sure , they are asking a sum of 175, one hundred and seventy five million pounds, which is his buy out clause in his new deal signed last year. But clubs willing to buy him will now have to shell out another 175, one hundred and seventy five million pounds. This is mainly because there are four years remaining on his contract still, and according to his latest contract he is on a weekly salary of 365,000 pounds a week. So in the four years remaining it will work out to175, one seventy five million pounds.350, Three hundred and fifty million pounds in all. Now Manchester United have come forward with an offer of 183, one hundred and eighty three million pounds as well as giving their Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea as well. But they want Alvaro Morato, as well as in this deal, but it may not work out sadly in the end. Real Madrid have gone and made it very , very clear to Cristiano Ronaldo that he will not be allowed to just walk away from Real Madrid if and when he likes, as he must honour his contract.

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