Thursday, June 29, 2017


It is not looking well at Chelsea as players have not been to happy with the way Antonio Conte texts a message to Diego Costa telling him he is not needed next season. But will the selling of Nemanja Matic and the selling of Diego Costa really come to haunt Chelsea and Antonio Conte as well. After all you see Chelsea are the reigning champions in England, so it is always unwise to change a successful team, and let us be honest here both played a big part in winning the E.P.L. And do not forget this season 2017/2018, Chelsea are playing in the Champion League, so there ill be tough games for them with more injuries as well, something they did not suffer so much last year. But Chelsea do not have any class in them only their Russian oil money. 1) Chelsea sacked Carlo Anchelotti in the bus after a champion League game. 2)Jose Mourinho was sacked last time during a Christmas dinner. I am sure Chelsea have a office to speak to the people and sack them by giving them a letter to the affect. One thing is clear here Class of a person is in their blood and can not be brought with money.

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