Thursday, June 22, 2017


The Italian giants Juventus also called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN.Are now willing to sell their left back to Chelsea. Alex Sandro, who is a Brazilian footballer with great skill ,speed and strength as well, and the famous world cup winner Roberto Carlos, has been speaking highly about him, and also says he feels Alex Sandro is the only left back who can be his successor as the best left back in the world. But now such a good player will not come cheap in any way. Juventus had rejected two bids made by Chelsea , and both were flatly rejected. The transfer fee which is now set at 55, fifty five million pounds is a new record for a defender. The previous record for a defender was 50, fifty million pounds, when P.S.G paid Chelsea for David Luiz. But now Juventus have found a replacement for Alex Sandro, he is a another Brazilian left back called Delbert Henrique, and he plays for Nice in France. Juventus can buy him for 13, thirteen million pounds, a bargain I must say. A/ Now you may wonder why Chelsea are willing to pay A.S.Roma 55, fifty five million pounds for Alex Sandro? The reason is simple Chelsea in the new season are playing in the Champion League, so Antonio Conte wants a defender to challenge Marco Alonso.

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