Thursday, June 22, 2017


The famous English club Liverpool which won the English football title most times nineteen times while Manchester United have won it twenty times. But Liverpool have failed to win the E.P.L title in 27, twenty seven long years I must say, and they have been in the wilderness all these years. But the club have not been wasting their money on managers and players as well. The Liverpool club have spent 90 million pounds on buying players , you could well say almost a Billion Pounds. But I am very proud of the Liverpool fans , as they are very loyal to their club , you do not se them demanding that their managers should resign and what not , like the stupid Arsenal fans. I personally feel the glory days are bound to return to Liverpool soon. So Liverpool spent 910 , nine hundred and ten million pounds on players., and must have brought nearly 200 , two hundred players some succeeded and others were big flops as well like Andy Carrol and Cristian Benteke.

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