Friday, June 23, 2017


Now Real Madrid are the favourites to sign the French striker Kylian Mbappe from Monaco. Now what exactly was the promise that Zinedine Zidane make to Kylian Mbappe? Real Madrid have already got three forwards and all good ones at the club, so one thing as certain , in this position there was no chance of the young French footballer making into the main team. It was clear here that one of the three players would have to be sold this summer to make way for Kylian Mbappe , and the one going to be sold is the Welsh man Gareth Bale. And who will be buying him , It will only be Manchester United, and the price Real Madrid want is a 100, a hundred million pounds for him, please note he had a injury affected season last year, a little too much money I would say. But the hundred million pounds will help in paying for the youngster. Previously Real Madrid were planning to generate the money by selling James Rodriguez for over sixty million pounds. The other promise made to the youngster after a secret meeting was that Zinedine Zidane would see to it that he would be a super star at Real Madrid, like Cristiano Ronaldo. But I doubt it , as he has scored only fifteen goals in one season will he core over 30 , thirty goals in one season like Lionel Messi for seven years. But P.S.G are willing to pay 135, one hundred and thirty five million Euros and they will also give a player in Hatem Ben Arfa. But paying over fifty million pounds for a teenager , who has scored only fifteen goals in a season is being stupid and taking a big gamble, many youngsters failed , like Loic Remy , who was once touted as the next Thierry Henry. Real Madrid will also agree to sign the teenager and give him back on loan to Monaco for the next year.

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