Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The recently elected president of Real Madrid Mr Florentino Perez ,has made it very clear the Cristiano Ronaldo is not being sold even for 350, three hundred and fifty million pounds. And he made it also clear that there have been o bids made from any clubs for either Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morato, who is spending his honey moon free from football worries, with his new wife. But one thing was clear here the Real Madrid fans were very cool over the whole episode, they say they have experienced it twice before,. They say Cristiano Ronaldo has done this before o get new increased weekly salary. The entire reason for this drama was that till today Cristiano Ronaldo was the costliest footballer ever, but Lionel Messi will soon be over taking him. So Ronaldo wants a better contract, as it stands today Cristiano Ronaldo is getting a weekly salary of 365,00 three hundred and sixty five thousand pounds a week. And has a buy out clause of 175 million pounds. But Lionel Messi will sign his new contract in June only.But his weekly salary should cross 400,000 pounds a week. Cristiano Ronaldo just wants to be known as the costliest footballer ever.

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