Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The former Barcelona and Spanish captain Carles Puyol, who was graduate from the Barcelona famous youth academy THE LA MASSIA.THE CASTLE. But during his Academy days at the La Massia, he started of as a goalkeeper, then shifted to be a holding midfielder and then a forward in his own right. But then during his time at Barcelona , the club appointed Louis Van Gaal , as their manager, so it was Louis Van Gaal who made Carles Puyol a central defender at the club,he turned out to be one for Spain as well. And he won the world cup as well as two EURO CUPS ,as well. Louis Van Gaal also wanted Carles Puyol to cut his famous long curls as well. But Carles Puyol flatly refused to cut a single strand of hair. Carles Puyol was also to be sold when at the La Massia to the Spanish club Malaga . But Carles Puyol would have nothing of it as his best friend from the youth academy was promoted to the Barcelona team, he was the famous Xavi Hernandez. He was promoted to Barcelona very soon after, the rest is history.

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