Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I really fail to understand these Arsenal fans, and especially Mr Piers Morgan . Each year this stupid idiot demands that Arsenal sack Arsene Wenger , the Arsenal manager, he even says that the fans should boycott Arsenal matches at the Emirate Stadium. But this fool does not understand, that empty seats make no difference whatsoever as the attendance for a match is counted by the number of tickets that are sold that day for the match, so seats are not counted. He Mr Piers Morgan wanted Arsene Wenger out as the EP.L cup was not won by Arsenal for thirteen years. But you must remember finishing fourth in England is very good as ,in other countries like Spain it is always Real Madrid or Barcelona, France t is P.S.G, in Italy it is Juventus I Holland it is Ajax, in Scotland it is Celtic. Only in England will you get a surprise winner like Leicester City last year. Liverpool have not won the E.P.L over twenty two years, but the club and fans do not hound their manager the way Arsenal fans do, they demanded Arsene Wenger out at the funniest places, these fools called fans held placard of Wenger out , in the U.S.A, at the Royal Rumble, at a N.L.F. match and at a basketball game. The Arsenal fans grumbled a great deal of the price of their tickets but these fools hired a plane with a banner in the skies saying WENGER OUT. Arsene Wenger got the Emirate Stadium built , even signed a as a guaranteer that he would not leave Arsenal for five years, and during that time he had offers to manage Real Madrid, P.S.G, Manchester City and Bayern Munich as well all big clubs mind you. Mr Piers Morgan and some fans, the young new fans wanted Arsene Wenger out, so do you have a manager who will last three years at Arsenal and reach the champion league all three years I doubt it very much. Mind you Arsene Wenger has won sixteen trophies for Arsenal in twenty years ,how many managers can do something like this, reach the champion League nineteen times in twenty years, not many can do it. And remember you silly Arsenal fans Mr Sam Kronke will not sack Arsene Wenger , as the Arsenal shares are doing very well and Kronke made a billion pounds from his Arsenal shares. While last year the Manchester United shares fell badly, and shareholders lost 700 million pounds. SO IN ARSENE WENGER WE TRUST. Sadly when a survey was taken for the worst atmosphere in the stadiums Arsenal was the stadium with the worst atmosphere from the twenty clubs. And the hounding of Arsene wenger was absolutely disgusting and unpardonable. And you silly fans better understand this that if the owner and the Arsenal board want to keep Arsene Wenger after thesr two years ,you fans have no choice whatsoever here.

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