Thursday, June 15, 2017


Leicester City was the big surprise of the 2015/2016 season no doubt about that. Their manager Claudio Ranierri very well knew that he was on survival mission with Leicester City, winning the title was not even a dream. But Leicester City won the title. But sadly Leicester City failed to put up a small fight even, they ended that season of 2016, 2017.1The lowest a defending club they finished 12th twelfth on the table ,the lowest a E.P..L was tenth in the table and it was Chelsea. But these two clubs finished seventh in the table, they were Blackburn Rovers in 1995, and Manchester United in 2013. But Nine months later Leicester City , forgot their glory days, their strikers and midfielders forgot how to pay football and even score goals, but once Claudio Ranierri was sacked ,and the caretaker manager Craig Shakespeare took over the Leicester payers scored goals at will and fro sixteenth they finished twelfth in the table. Disgusting behaviour from the board and players I must say, actually unpardonable I would say. The former player and England captain Gay Linekar said I shed a tear or Leicester City and Claudio Ranierri. There is no doubt about it The Leicester City footballers were RATS all of them, disgusting and absolute disgrace to Sports and Football.

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