Sunday, June 11, 2017


The Arsenal fans who demand that Arsenal should sack Arsene wenger , each year should have their heads examined by a psychiatric doctor. Arsene wenger joined Arsenal in the year 1996, so this will now be twenty one years since he took over at Arsenal. So What has he done at Arsenal ? 1) Arsene Wenger has a new two year contract at Arsenal.In twenty years Arsenal for the first time have failed to reach the champion League in twenty years, o other manager has taken a single club to nineteen champion league games in a row. 2) Arsene wenger has spent close to 700, seven hundred million pounds in twenty one years. Manchester United have spent 400 million Pounds in four years, But he brought 162 players dutring twenty one years. 3) He has managed a total of 790 seven hundred and ninety games for Arsenal, he has won 475 , four hundred and seventy five wins. 193 one hundred and ninety-three draws. And also lost 140 , one hundred and forty games. 4) Arsene Wenger has won 17 titles at Arsenal, so seventeen titles in twenty years is not bad at all. Now shall we see how many managers the other big clubs in the E.P.L have had in twenty years. 5)Chelsea have had 17, managers, Liverpool had seven managers ,Manchester City had 13 managers, and Manchester United have had five managers. His love for Arsenal was so very strong that he even signed a bond to the banks in the mortgage for the building of the EMIRATE STADIUM. .

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