Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The Brazilian football club Chapeoense , which was on a chartered flight to Colombia , to play in its biggest football match in their history . they were flying to Colombia to play in the SUDAMERICANA CUP, Equal to THE EUROPEA LEAGUE in Europe. And they were flying to play the first leg against the Colombian club Atletico Nacional. The flight was a chartered flight, and the plane belonged to to a retired Bolivian general, who has now lost his licence and all planes have been grounded. There were a total of 81, eighty one people on board but only five escaped alive. It included crew, staff, players and journalists. The five survivors were told to go and sit in front with the team and leave the back seats for the journalists. But what caused the crash ? Early reports say that the plane was running out of fuel, as the plane could not land at one place as the airport was shut early in the morning, and support this theory is that there was no fire after the crash, indicating that the plane crashed in the jungle .The club Chapeoense were playing a few years in the lower division in Brazil but since 2014 they have been in the top division. But what now for the club, who must rebuild their club from scratch. Brazilian clubs have come forward to suggest that the club should not be relegated for three years, so that they can rebuild the team. The Atletico Nacoinol team agreed to et the Brazilian club Chapeoense win the SUDAMERICANA CUP. It was indeed a sad day for football and the football world as a whole.

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