Sunday, June 25, 2017


In the year 2009, the Arab oil Billionaire Sheikh Mansour , who is the owner of Manchester City in England. He had come forward to buy the young Brazilian Kaka, now Kaka had just won the Ballon D'Or. lease note since then each year it has been Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi who have on the Ballon 'D Or. Manchester City were willing to buy Kaka for 91, ninety one million pounds then. That would have helped A.C. Milan clear their debts . But Kaka refused to agree to the deal, the next day over three thousand fans were at his house to thank him for staying on. He stood on the balcony, showing his jersey.. But a few months late he was sold to Real Madrid for a huge sum 56, fifty six million pounds. But he did not do well at Real Madrid , and was sold back to A.C. Milan . He is now in the M.L.S. with Orlando. But what was his weekly salary at Manchester City then, it was a huge 500,000, five hundred thousand pounds. To make it clear today the highest paid footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo with a weekly salary of 365,000, three hundred and sixty five thousand pound's a week. The weekly salary was just mind blowing in 2009.

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