Saturday, July 1, 2017


The Spanish club are indeed taking a big risk in signing the Brazilian born Spaniard Diego Costa from Chelsea in the July transfer window. The Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, had sent Diego Costa a text message , saying that he, Diego Costa does not fit into his plans for the 20172018 season. Now the world cup is being held in 2018 in Russia, and all footballers want to play and impress their managers. Now Diego Costa has said that he will only play for Atletico Madrid, his old club. But unfortunately Atletico Madrid are facing a transfer embargo by F.I.F.A, for illegally signing under age players. They can only now sign a footballer on1//2018. So selling to has become difficult. But Atletico Madrid can still do one thing to keep Diego Costa, by signing him. But he will not be allowed to play a single game till 1/1/2018, as all footballers who sign up with a club must get registered with F.I.F.A. And Atletico Madrid will have to pay him a weekly salary, for not playing. But Barcelona did this when they were punished by F.I.F.A for a full year. Here they signed two players and paid them whole year, they were Arda Turan and Alexis Vidal. I agree it will be a big gamble for Atletico Madrid. But one thing is clear here Atletico Madrid have made it clear, that Diego Costa will not be given on loan neither will he be given back to play for Chelsea.

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