Sunday, July 9, 2017


Now it is very clear that Cristiano Ronaldo will be staying on at Real Madrid, even after the tax evasion fraud case filed against him. He had threatened that he would definitely be leaving Real Madrid and Spain for good, and there was no chance of him changing his mind on leaving. Now after he and things have cooled down,, and he had meetings with Florentino Perez , who made it clear he would not sell him to a club as he was under contract with Real Madrid. He was told he could be sold by Real Madrid only if a club came forward to buy him for 350 million pounds. That is 175, one hundred and seventy five million pounds , which is the buy out clause for Cristiano Ronaldo, and another 75, one hundred and seventy five million pounds as wages for the remaining four years of his contract. Now it is very clear that as he no longer is the worlds highest paid footballer, it is now Lionel Messi , who is the highest paid the highest weekly salary in the world ,he now gets 500,000 , five hundred thousand pounds.And gets 54 , fifty four million pounds a year, while Cristiano Ronaldo gets only 18, eighteen million pounds a year. Sure Cristiano Ronaldo big ego has taken a big hit here. And it is a plan to get a new contract by threatening and getting big money same as Lionel Messi I must say. A BIG SPOILT BABY.

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