Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Cristiano Ronaldo who a few months ago said that he would never play in Spain again in his lifetime , and he wanted his agent to find a new club for him. The reason for this anger was because he was caught for evading paying of tax to huge sum of over 14, fourteen million Euros . He said his decision was irreversible. Now it appears he has a big change of heart , he is willing to play on in Spain with Real Madrid , and it looks all is forgotten But let me remind you it was a well acted play , you must remember he needs money , he is womens'man after all, he spends time in Morocco , with his kick boxer friend, he flies his own plane to Rabat weekly. He says he wants to stay at Real Madrid and win trophies. But the truth is he wants a new contract at Real Madrid with a weekly salary of 500,000 pounds five hundred thousand pounds, the same amount or more than what Lionel Messi is going to get in his new contract . I hope you see the truth. The tax money may have been paid by Real Madrid after all.

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