Monday, July 24, 2017


Neymar will be staying on at Barcelona after all, and he has been convinced by the Barcelona players Lionel Messi, Gerrard Pique, Luis Suarez , that Barcelona was indeed the club for him, and he could always count on winning trophies in large numbers at Barcelona. But Barcelona have also made concessions to Neymar as well. 1) Lionel Messi will no longer take free kicks for Barcelona, and it will be taken by Neymar instead. 2) Barcelona will try very hard to sign a few Brazilians , Philippe Coutinho and Paulinho were mentioned. Neymar said P.S.G had their Brazilian players Thiago Silva ,Marquinos are at P.S,,G. And honestly making Neymar pay out his buy out clause of 199 , one hundred and ninety nine million pounds, will not work, it did work before the FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULE came. The Brazilian Ronaldo paid his buy out clause to Barcelona and then joined up with Inter Milan. So in the long run Neymar was going to stay at Barcelona, as the club will not make a new contract they will honour the existing one.

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