Friday, July 14, 2017


Pep Guardiola and Manchester City have surely lost their marbles, I wonder what they smoked? Manchester City have gone and brought Kyle Walker for a sum of 54, fifty four million only. That is 45, forty five million first another five million in five years time and then four million as add ons. But at the same time Manchester City wanted to buy the Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal you for just 50, fifty million pounds, you can imagine that. The French play maker and world cup winner Zinedine Zidane was brought by Real Madrid from Juventus for 51, fifty one million pounds in 2001, I agree that was ages ago, but if you look closely Kyle walker is even costlier than Mesut Ozil and even the Brazilian Neymar. Here things are not realistic at all.. Manchester City have lost their marbles. Now if Kyle walker is costing 54, fifty four million pounds then Alexis Sanchez should easily cost 120, one hundred and twenty million pounds. It is a fact that the English Premiere League have lost their minds long ago.

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