Monday, July 17, 2017


When a transfer window is open many stories go around some with no truth whatsoever. But they are worth reading. The latest is reports in THE METRO ,that Neymar wants to leave Barcelona and join up with P.S.G in France. The reason is Neymar was involved with tax evasion , and he wants to leave Barcelona , as he does not like playing under Lionel Messi's shadow. but there are some more stories one is he is being used as a pawn in the deal to buy the Italian midfielder Marco Veratti from P.S.G. Barcelona are keen to sign Marco Veratti , to replace their aging midfield maestro Andres Iniesta. Another story is that he wants to join up with P.S.G . As his big friend Dani Alves has joined up with P.S.G, on a free transfer. But the big thing is that Manchester United could also sign him up. But the big problem here is that Neymar has a buy out clause that stands at a massive 195, one hundred and ninety-five million pounds. And the buy out clause increases each year, so hat will the buy out clause be 219 two hundred and nineteen million pounds next year , any buyers? But the sporting director of Barcelona Mr Fernandes , had this to say . Barcelona buy the best players we do not sell our best players.

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