Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The little Argentinean master Lionel Messi , is really a very good footballer, he is the very best no doubt about it. He was born to a middle class family in Rosario Argentina. At five he picked up playing football, at his club he was always good footballer from start and impressed his father and coach. But tragedy struck , at nine years he was smallest in size with the other kids, and it was found , that he was not growing tall the way he should be growing. At the age of eleven years he was diagnosed with GROWTH HORMONE DEFICENCY. The club refused to pay for his treatment , River plate also refused to pay for his very costly treatment. River pate called him to come the following year to sign up at thirteen. But when he was 12, twelve years old Barcelona came and took him to Barcelona and their famous Academy called LA MASIA ,the castle. Lionel Messi made his first contract with Barcelona at a hotel, it was return on a napkin, as the Barcelona club were not sure if it would have to be torn soon. Lionel Messi had to take a injection every night for a long time, to get cured of the deficiency. And now he is the best footballer ever to me. He is the only player to score a total of 91,ninety one goals in one entire season, it was in 2012. He is the only footballer to score over 40, forty goals each year for eight years in a row. And by the way Lionel Messi has never ben shown a red card as yet. Cristiano Ronaldo has quite a few red cards.

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