Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Tottenham Hotspurs have not yet signed up a single player so far. And it is quite worrying you see after all next year Tottenham Hotspurs are again playing in the champion league like last year. The real reason why Tottenham Hotspurs may not have brought any new players is the fact that Tottenham Hotspurs are moving to a new and larger stadium with a sitting capacity of over 65, 000 sixty five thousand, as they want a bigger stadium then Arsenal's Emirate stadium has a sitting capacity of 60,400, sixty thousand four hundred only. But that has not hindered Arsenal making the most money from their ticket sale last year Arsenal made 310 , three hundred and ten million pounds from their ticket sale same as Real Madrid. but Real Madrid have a 84,000, eighty four thousand stadium, Barcelona have 98,000 ninety eight thousand stadium, and Manchester United have over 70, seventy thousand stadium. They say that they will not sell players to pay for their new stadium . The Emirate Stadium at Arsenal did cost the stadium 360 million pounds to build, but Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium will cost over four hudred million pounds. The Tottenham Hotspur manager has clearly told the chairman of the club to block the transfer of Kyle Walker even if Manchester City are offering 50, fifty million pounds.

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