Tuesday, July 4, 2017


According to THE METRO Wayne Rooney , who has now spent a total of 13, thirteen years at Manchester United, after he left his childhood club Everton. Now he has been withdrawn rom the Manchester United team which is going abroad , in the summer break. Wayne Rooney had two options to look at, now that he was getting less playing time at Manchester United . It was either Everton or in China. He has now decided that it will be Everton after all. He will be now getting a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds, two hundred and fifty million pounds. But there is a catch in the transfer of Wayne Rooney , from Manchester United to Everton. The clubs will have to finally decide to a sticky question ,and Everton Want Manchester United to pay half of Wayne Rooney's fees, which is 250,000 pounds a week, now Manchester United are told to pay half his fees that is 125,000, one hundred and twenty five thousand pounds.,

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