Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Barcelona are now willing to sell the Brazilian striker Neymar to P.S.G .According to THE METRO. The price is 198 , one hundred and ninety eight million pounds, that was his buy out clause . Barcelona will never hold back a player from moving on , just pat them the money and leave. In the year 2000 Ronaldo paid his buy out clause and then moved onto Inter Milan in Italy. But what you must remember here is that at that time there was no FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULES. Now the president of the Spanish La Liga has already made it clear that they will be complaining to U.E.F.A ad F.I.F.A as well. Now we have to see who is going to pay the buy out clause to Barcelona , s it P.S.G or is it Neymar ? If it is Neymar then he could end up in hot water by U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A as well as P.S.G for trying to dodge the rules. If nothing is done all clubs will do this now make players pay their buy out clause.

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