Sunday, August 6, 2017


Barcelona have decided to buy another Brazilian Philippe Coutinho The to fill the vacancy after selling another Brazilian , Neymar to P.S. for 220 million Euros. . According to the MUNDO DEPORTOVO ,the deal can be completed within forty eight hours . If the deal really goes through it will be a very good deal for both of the clubs. The price is said to be a new English record it will break the present record for Paul Pogba who was brought by Manchester United for 89, eighty nine million pounds. Barcelona have decided to pay 100, a hundred million Euros or 90.2 million Pounds, to Liverpool. In truth Barcelona were keeping an eye on Philippe Coutinho for a few years now, and this did not happen after the sale of Neymar to P.S.G. Now J├╝rgen klopp was not at all happy, but the amount was a mouth watering thing and Liverpool bargained hard and finally got 18, eighteen million pounds more. But I am afraid Football have sold their soul here to the devil. Prices of footballers will now on be near this figure good ones and average players are going for 50, fifty million pounds. The sale of Trevor Francis for the first million pound deal is sadly over. But can clubs like Bunley buy a plyer at this Price I ask.? By the way Liverpool paid Inter Milan a small sum of 5 . million pounds to buy him. So it is a deal well done. Barcelona want Philippe Coutinho to replace Andres Iniesta who is aging now.

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