Saturday, August 12, 2017


It looks like history will repeat itself again with Chelsea and the 2017/2018 E.P.L. Last time Jose Mourinho had won the E.P.L with Chelsea but then Chelsea had a very bad season they finished the season coming tenth in the E.P.L table, they lost the title to Leicester City that year. And this was also the lowest a reigning club finished in the E.P.L . The lowest a reigning champion finished in E.P.L was seventh , both Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United finished seventh in the table. Jose Mourinho was then sacked by December. Now Antonio Conte is in charge of Chelsea, he is not happy with the shopping done by Chelsea , Nemanja Matic was sold to Manchester United against his wishes. Chelsea lost both the F.A.CUP and the Community Shield to Arsenal. So it is quite possible that Antonio Conte could walk out of Chelsea I disgust.

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