Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Now P.S.G the French club could easily face punishment from U.E.F.A for breaking FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULES. As a club can only make a loss of 30, thirty million pounds in a period of three years, so they must balance their books. But now P.S.G have spent really big this summer transfer window, they have now gone and brought Neymar from Barcelona for a huge sum of 220 two hundred and twenty million Euros. And then they want to buy Kylialn Mbappe from Monaco for a sum of 166, one hundred and sixty six million pounds., and as P.S.G can not afford to buy these two footballer's in one year only, now both P.S.G and Monaco, have now gone and hatched a plan to cheat U.E.F.A. These two clubs have decided to buy Kylian Mbappe on a years loan and then buy him out for 166. one hundred and sixty six million pounds next year. But P.S.G should be punished and Monaco. They could be fined and also expelled from the champion league as well, they could also be demoted from the first division the second division with a ten point deducted as well. Mind you P.S.G had been punished by U.E.F.A before for breaking t FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULE., they were then fined and were allowed only 21 , twenty one players for the champion league instead of 25, twenty five players.

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