Wednesday, August 2, 2017


It will a difficult transfer for Neymar and P.S.G., it will not be so smooth either. Barcelona have made it very clear they want the entire money paid at one go., all the 198, one hundred and ninety eight million pounds. And Barcelona said that they will not be taking any money in instalments , like Real Madrid pay up. Now Neymar senior the father and agent of Neymar could make a windfall of money in the transfer. Now once P.S.G will now have to pay the entire amount as well as the tax on the amount. Now Neymar had signed a new contract in 1/10/2016. The contract runs till 2021, so big money will be cut for not honouring his contract. Now Barcelona have informed U.E.F.A , and have requested U.E.F.A to look into where this 198 million pounds came from was it from P.S.G or from the owners in Qatar royal family. Even the president of the Spanish La liga Mr Javier Tebas has also told F.I.F.A and U.E.F.A to look closely at the deal. Barcelona have handed the money to a lawyer , who will give it to Neymar once Barcelona get their full money from P.S.G. You must remember that P.S.G was punished once by U.E.F.A for breech of the Financial Fair Play Rule. Barcelona have put up posters of Neymar calling him a traitor and a mercenary.

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