Thursday, August 10, 2017


There is no doubt about it that the young English footballers are a greedy lot of youngsters, are over rated and overpaid , this has lead to England suffering at the world cup and also the EURO CUP. It will take England another century to win a world cup or the EURO CUP. Take Danny Rose who plays his club football with Tottenham Hotspurs, he is getting 60,000 sixty thousand pounds a week, and he now wants more. But he has been out injured since the month of February , and he is not fully fit but wants more money. Will he be the same as before , after all he under went a knee surgery as well. All of these youngsters are so demanding at the time of renewing their contracts, Theo Walcott, Raheem sterling, John Stones, Now Alex Oxlade Chamberlain who is getting 60,000 sixty thousand pounds a week, Arsenal have told him they will increase it to a 100,000 a hundred thousand pounds , but he wants' more and is willing to join up with Chelsea or Liverpool.

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