Thursday, January 25, 2018


The very sad truth has finally dawned on Neymar, that he and his father who is his agent as well had decided to let him leave the mighty Spanish giants Barcelona, and to join France, now honestly speaking it is a very boring league with two clubs who win the French Ligule each year P.S.G and Monaco, now Monaco is a club allowed to play in the French Ligule, even though it is not based in France, something like Swansea and Cardiff, two clubs from Wales, who play in the E.P.L. And to leave a club like Barcelona who have been in the champion league each year since the champion league had started, and then joining P.S.G is going backwards for Neymar. Now he Neymar wants to make a move to the Spanish giants Real Madrid. But will P.S.G sell him to Real Madrid , it will take a few hundred million Euros to sell him to the Spanish giants. But there could be away out here in the summer or after few years that both clubs Real Madrid and Monaco do a swap deal, plus cash as well. Now the other spoilt rich brat Cristiano Ronaldo is throwing a few tantrums at Real Madrid, he wants a new and better contract every time Lionel Mesi has signed a new contract, tody he is demanding the same weekly salary that Lionel Messi is getting at Barcelona. Real Madrid have flatly said that trey will not bow to pressure in any form. So now Ronaldo could be used as a pawn in this transfer. Let me remind you all that according to Spanish law very employee has a buy out clause in Spain, and now Cristiano Ronaldo has buy out clause in his last contract that is a very huge sum of one Billion pounds, any takers I wonder. But the president of Real Madrid Florentino Petrez, has agreed to cut ten percent of that huge amount, he now wants 86, eighty six million pounds, far to much I must say. And now Cristiano Ronaldo will be 33, thirty three years old soon.

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