Tuesday, February 6, 2018


, The Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea ,, who is laying his club football in England with Manchester United, now as his contract expires in the next year in June. Now Manchester United have no intention to sell him to Real Madrid in the summer. But as he is now on a weekly salary of 210,000 two hundred and ten thousand pounds only, and talks were on going, but till the January transfer window David De Gea ,, was asking then for a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds. But oh my things have really changed at Manchester United, after the arrival of the Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal. Now it was reported in THE METRO that Arsene wenger had said that Alexis Sanchez was getting a higher weekly salary then what was earlier declared , it was then said that Alexis Sanchez was getting more then 600,000, six hundred thousand pounds a week. So now David De Gea wants a weekly salary of 300,000 three hundred thousand pounds a week.. But one thing is clear every player at Manchester United will demand to double their salaries in their new contract. It is indeed good that Arsenal sold their cancer called Alexis Sanchez which is spreading fast like cancer.

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