Tuesday, February 6, 2018


According to THE METRO, which says that Manchester United would be willing to sell their Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea to the Spanish giants Real Madrid. In fact way back in the year 2015 both these two clubs almost did do a deal for David De Gea, but it failed on the very last day of the transfer window, because Manchester United, were then using a older model of a fax machine, which did not connect to the updated fax machine used by Real Madrid, and the deal fell through. Now due the position Real Madrid find them in this season, it is reported that Real Madrid will sell Keylor Nava's , the Costa Rican goalkeeper could very well be on his way out. But Manchester United are asking a vey huge record price to sell David De Gea. They are now asking a sum of 115, one hundred and fifteen million pounds for him, now if and when the deal goes through it will be a new record price for a goalkeeper, I will break the record r the costliest goalkeeper, it will break the record by three times more money, Manchester city had paid Benfica, 34.5 , thirty four and a half million pounds for the Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson.

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