Sunday, February 4, 2018


Football fans and Manchester United fans paid tribute to the Busy Babes, the Manchester United team were known by this name after their manager Mat Busy. Now on 6/2/1958 the plane carrying the Manchester United players, staff and few journalists from the Daily Mail and THE Daily MIRROR, also lost their lives in a plane crash at the German city of Munich. The Manchester United team returning from Yugoslavia, after playing in the Champion League , against Red Star Belgrade, but after refuelling at Munich and in very bad weather with vey bad vision early in the morning, the plane crashed there were 20 deaths in the crash three died in hospital. Of the survivors Sir Bobby Charlton is the most famous footballer to play for Manchester United after the crash, and he escaped as a journalist requested him to exchange places with him as he felt safer in the front. Unfortunately he died and Sir Bobby Charlton survived. In the match between Manchester United and Huddelsfield , which Manchester United won2-0 , there was a minute silence at OLD TRAFFORD, for the Munich crash. At Munich and Old Trafford there are two clocks showing the exact time when the plane crashed in Munich , there is a slight difference in the time as well. Each and every fan who came to the match at Old Trafford got a complimentary gift showing the picture of the team and the clock and more details of the sixtieth anniversary.

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