Sunday, February 11, 2018


This is absolutely disgusting I would say, the Italian striker Mario Balotelli is now playing in France for Nice. Now in the match played between Nice and Dijon, which was played on 10/2/2018 the match ended in a score of 3-2 in favour of Dijon. But the game really turned vey ugly in the 72nd minute. Here Mario Balotelli missed a golden chance to force a draw, it was a real sitter, but the fans retaliated by abusing and chanting the Black Italian footballer Mario Balotelli. In anger after he explained ad pointed out to the direction the cants came from, he was sadly booked with a yellow card. It was absolute disgusting behaviour by the referee, MIND YOU THIS BLIND FOOL IS A EMPLOYEE OF F.I.F.A AS WELL. the standard of refereeing in France and England are pathetic, referee Mike Dean admitted hat he made a big mistake in the Arsenal match. Why allow such blind bats referee matches does F.I.F.A take money to fix results in matches. Recently in a match in the famous NO LEAGUE called French league a referee showed a footballer a second yellow card, just because the footballer clipped his ankles, while running. but the French Football Association withdrew the red card, and the referee resigned from refereeing from all football, good for him another blind idiot of a bat.

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